About Our Clinic

Sonic Ultrasound was launched by Pauline Schafter (BSc) in 2021.

Pauline has worked within the Diagnostic Radiology profession since the early 1990s.  completing her Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiations (Radiography) at RMIT.  Qualifying in 1997 she worked in a rural location for 3 years.  During these 3 years Pauline commenced training in ultrasound so as to participate on the on-call roster.


  • Bachelor Applied Science (Medical Radiations) 1998
  • AIR Certificate of Clinical Proficiency in Mammography 2000
  • Graduate Diploma Medical Sonography University of SA 2003
  • ASAR – Accredited Medical Sonographer 2003 – current
  • Nuchal Translucency FMF Accredited 2003 Including nasal bone, and recently completing uterine artery accreditation (pending).
  • Member of ASA and ASUM

Pauline commenced her Graduate Diploma in Medical Sonographer in 2001 and on making the move to Melbourne she was employed fulltime whilst completing her Trainee Sonographer training graduating in 2003.

Pauline worked for I-Med Radiology for 17 years, and in her more Senior years acted as Site Supervisor and assisted in training the Trainee Sonographers.   Two and Half years ago Pauline resigned from I-med to pursue a leadership role as a Chief Sonographer for Marina Radiology.

In the 20 years of performing ultrasounds she has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge and developed a passion for patient care and striving to obtain the best diagnostic imaging possible.  Pauline has developed a compassionate and empathic approach and enjoys forming a great bond with her patients during their examination time.

Pauline loves being a part of the patient and parent bonding during obstetric imaging, especially for first time patients.

When she is not performing ultrasounds Pauline enjoys time with her husband and 2 boys with their sports and keeping an active lifestyle.

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